"Letter To The Editor" article on John Weber
sandy rogers

John Weber (75 Years of Service)

John Weber is a true forefather of Local Union #60. This past May 14, 2015, John received his 75 year service pin along with an appreciation plaque at a special awards luncheon hosted by L.U. 60 Retired Members Club.

A WWII veteran and following his fathers footsteps, John Weber was initiated 12-4-1940 into Local Union 60. Starting with his first job with Wright Brothers Electrical, John also worked for Fisk Electric, UHR, Graham & Collins, Blessings, and a few others. Some of these contractors are no longer in business.  

As a member of L.U. #60, John held the office of President from 1967 to 1973 and the office of Secretary of L.U. 60 for 4 years.  He was also on the Apprenticeship Committee and a member of the AFL-CIO Council.  John would often stop by the Apprentice classes to encourage the young members to attend their Union meetings. He firmly believed in his Union.

In 1965, a young journeyman foreman, Richard Suggs, needed help running a three story, 600 bed barrack job at Lackland AFB, John Weber was sent to mentor him. Richard stated “although John had been in the trade much longer than I, he respected my position on the job and was there for me in any capacity for which I heeded him. He treated me as an equal.”  Brother Suggs also stated “I am thankful that I had John as an example of how a real brotherhood works. In the fifty plus years that I have known him, John has not


After 47 years, John hung up his hard hat in 1987 to enjoy retirement with his lovely wife of 69 happy years, Dorothy.

                                                                                                                                              Sandy Rogers, Local 60 Retired Members Club P.S.

                                                                                                                                              San Antonio, TX.

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