Documentations You Will Need

It is a good idea to have all your documents that apply to you available, (you can do this while waiting on your application forms.) It will save you valueable time. Any missing or incomplete documents may delay the processing of your Pension Benefit Applications.
Union Membership Verification: Call the IBEW Local 60 @ 210-337-1741, will help you with this form.
Proof of birth for you and your current spouse. (Copy of Birth Certificates)
If you are currently married, need a copy of your Marriage Certificate.
If there is a difference between the last name on your Spouse's Birth Certificate and your Marriage Certificate, submit proof of any name change.
If you were divorce prior to your current marriage, please provide Divorce Decree (s) for each marriage OR any Domestic Relations Order regarding prior marriage (s) or common law relationship (s).
If you were married and your spouse has past away. You will need a copy of their Death Certificate.
If you are a surviving spouse and are applying for benefits on behalf of a member. You will need a certified copy of his Death Certificate.
If you are applying for a Disability Pension. You need to provide a copy of your Social Security Award letter. Note: if award letter is pending do not hold application.  Submit application now and send award letter when you get it.
NOTE: If your Social Security Disability Award is more than two years old, you will need to send proof from the Social Security Administration that (1) lists the date (s) of your entitlement to a Social Security Disability Benefit, and (2) certifies that you are currently receiving a Disability Benefit.
If you are married, please elect on your application if you want the 50% husband and wife option OR the 75% Qualified optional Surivor Annuity benefit option OR the 100% Joint and Servivor option. The three Pension Funds have different options, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers option for the surivor annuity is set in stone, once submitted, it can not be changed.
You will need to provide proof of Social Security Numbers for you and your spouse.
Copy of your current State ID with your current address on it.
If you or your spouse have ever used a different name, provide supporting documentation (example: adoption papers or court order).